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Now I had to figure out what would be part of my teaching. What would be the curriculum? Which class should I focus on to base a plan for more general teaching? I did more reading trying to find a method book on teaching music and I found that it is not possible to dictate a specific or precise sequence of resources and activities for teaching music because every teacher is unique in philosophy, music skills and teaching ability. Furthermore there are great differences among students as well. The books can only provide suggestions and sample exercises to incorporate into the lessons. I found some great examples for activities one of my favorite was using the song ‘The Aquarium’ from Carnival of the Animals the kids would follow the movement of the fish by imitating the fish with their hands. I thought that it could be interesting to create a visual for this song and the kids could listen and watch and imitate at the same time what the fish is doing.

Classroom Teaching Tool

On our meeting with Brian it became clearer to me that an online game might not be the best format to do something like this. The nature of Eurhythmics experience involves the whole body, mind and emotions. Movement is the essence of it. Trying to watch something on a computer screen and follow in movement would be difficult for kids. The suggestion to see if it would work better as a teaching tool used in the classroom adding a visual component to the lessons in a form of projecting it to the wall or floor made perfect sense. I wanted to make sure that it makes sense to my secondary advisor as well since I am basing it on her teachings. I did some research on multiple intelligences before and I thought that if I incorporate this knowledge when I am presenting my idea about this new teaching tool could be convincing if she has any doubts.

Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. It suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is far too limited. Instead, Dr. Gardner proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. Three of them are Musical intelligence (music smart), Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (body smart) and Spatial/Visual intelligence (picture smart). Dr. Gardner says that our schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. We esteem the highly articulate or logical people of our culture. However, Dr. Gardner says that we should also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in the other intelligences: the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs, and others who enrich the world in which we live. Unfortunately, many children who have these gifts don’t receive much reinforcement for them in school. Many of these kids, in fact, end up being labeled “learning disabled,” ADD (attention deficit disorder) or simply underachievers.

The Song - Wind in the Trees

I met with Adriana this Monday and talked to her about my new idea how this project could become a teaching tool in the classroom adding a visual component to the lessons and enhancing the learning process. She was happy to learn about this and agreed with me. I am still in search for the right song and exercise that I could base my project on with her help. We discussed that the best would be to focus on the class for Grades 1 and 2 and pick a specific lesson for them which could be used to build the prototype. It will be focusing on either pitch and melodic direction or rhythmic patterns or duration.

Permission Form

Permission Form

I made great progress during the last few weeks. I feel that my statement and the direction of my project became much clearer. I was able to visit the Dalcroze classes a few more times. During these visits I was trying to find the right song and exercise that I could base my project on. I was able to obtain permissions from the parents so I could take pictures and record part of the class. This is great help for me because I can have some visual material for my process and I can refer back to them at home when I need to. I made a decision to use the song Wind in the Trees for my project. This is the song about autumn leaves and is used for teaching duration and pitch.