Prototype In Use

My goal was to develop something visual that is useful to teach music and to remain true to the Dalcroze Method so it could be incorporated into the classes. I believe that I was successful in achieving that. I needed to test my project and find out if it could work in real life. I needed to know the opinion of the teacher and of course the opinion of the students. I went to visit the Dalcroze class I have been working with and set up my projection for them for the duration of the class. I was happy to see the children enjoying the animation. First they watched it sitting down and later on they performed the song while listening to the teacher playing on the piano and watching the projection. The Dalcroze teacher thought that it worked very well for that excercise and that the visuals and methaphor were great and easy and clear to follow. The kids said that they liked it and could follow the animation as well.

I am very satisfied with the result. In ideal circumstances I would like the animation to be projected from above so that the kids could run around freely in the room. I could imagine this project to develop into a series of animations for a repertoire of exercises that could be a visual part of the class projected on the wall or on the floor in some cases depending on the exercise.

Set of Rules

The project works with a defined set of rules. Each note is represented by a leaf. The leaf floats across the screen from left to right as the piece plays, and the leaf lights up as its note sounds. The leaf travels at the same vertical position for the duration of its note as performed. The vertical position of the leaf corresponds to the pitch. Colors are used also to emphasize pitch. I decided on the color green to represent low notes and the color red to represent high notes. When the pedal is used and there is an echo the leaves fade out. There are two reference lines used to give scale and represent the octave in the song.

Expandable System

This is only a prototype for this visual teaching tool. The system is expandable for more complicated songs. The measure could be introduced by adding elements in the background at the required position or by changing the positions of the trees to line up with the measure. Also extra lines for representing the entire staff can be added. The leaves in the background are important elements too since different colored and shaped leaves could represent different things like the other hand playing or other instruments. The horizontal position of the leaves could indicates the note's timing in relation to the other notes. The color of the leaves could also change depending on the instruments or on how hi or low the notes are.